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Order form

Use this form to order your BlidimaX®. In addition to the details of your vehicle, enter for which set/screens you would like us to manufacture your BlidimaX® window mats (see website) and mark the desired color combinations.

If you have any comments or special features about your window mat (for example, permanent stickers/vignettes applied to the inside of the window), you can enter them in the text field.

Do not forget your personal details and off you go. You will receive an order confirmation from us before production. If you have any questions, we will contact you.

Information marked with * is mandatory.



Order volume

The most important question about the outside of the mats first: should it be BlidimaX®, with the shiny silver foil, or BlidimaXblack®, with the black outside in coldblack®.

fabric color: outer face*

Select the fabric color for the inside of the window mats here.

fabric color: inner face*

Choose the color of the bordering tape here.

Color bordering tape*

Last but not least, select the color of the suction cups here. While all colored suction cups are solid colored, transparent suction cups let light in as well as out. Please keep this in mind when making your selection.

Color suction cups*

In order to pack BlidimaX® window mats well, compactly and safely, we offer a packing bag suitable for the ordered size. This bag is made of robust, water-repellent, black fabric. If you order a packing bag, the mats will be delivered rolled up in it. Cost depends on the size:

Packing Bag

Image upload

Please upload pictures of the panes that are to be supplied with the window mats here. This will save you our inquiries. Only in this way we can see which variant of the vehicle series you have. For example, the shape of the sensor element is different.

We need the following pictures: Inner sides of all window panes, that are to receive a window mat. Mirror area of the windshield inside, windshield outside complete. Any stickers, dashcams, etc. please enter in the comments field.

Size of the pictures not more than 5 MB.


Payment is currently exclusively via prepayment. The payment information you will receive with your order confirmation by mail.
Please note the information in the terms and conditions.


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